We hired Cate just a few weeks before our 4th child was due. She was a sweet, calm presence at the birth. I know she would be a great match for any expecting family.
— Tasha S.
Cate was the best coach a girl could ask for. She held my hand through the extra 8 days of waiting for the newbie to arrive and tirelessly answered all of my questions. She was there from start to finish at the hospital. She helped me to vocalize my needs and desires to the hospital staff and was generally my advocate through the process.
— Zena M.
For the birth of our second child, my husband wanted to have a more active roll in the process. Cate provided a Comfort Measures course for us and it was fantastic. She provided excellent insight, strategies and materials for me and my husband. My husband and I struggled with making time to prepare for this birth, so taking a structured course opened up our communication and got us in the right mindset. Our son’s birth was my second birth without an epidural and my husband was an amazing partner! He was confident and comforting. He remembered Cate’s pain management strategies and encouraging meditations. We are so thankful for her help! If we go for #3 someday we will definitely include Cate in the process!
— Emilie W.
My husband and I hired Cate to be our doula for our first baby. Her passion for what she does was so evident at every meeting! She asked questions and genuinely cared about our answers. She was knowledgeable about different ways to provide comfort and relief during labor and during pregnancy. She texted with me throughout my early labor offering advice and tips. She stayed in touch constantly until it was time for her to join us. My son was not in the optimal birthing position, so she recommended positions for me to labor in that helped him move. She was attentive and professional, kind, and friendly! We could tell that she really cared about our family and our coming little one. Her presence and skill set at our birth was invaluable. I highly recommend her!
— Shelbi R.
I can’t say enough great things about Cate! We hired her for the birth of our second child because we wanted to have a more natural and empowered experience . . . she gave us that and even more than we expected. I felt like she was an old friend from the first time we met, she provided us with great resources that were detailed but not overwhelming, and throughout the whole experience, she made me feel so comfortable, prepared, and supported. Even my husband, who was always supportive about hiring a doula but wasn’t really sure what all the benefits would be, said afterward that it was the best decision we made. We will absolutely be using Cate again for the next one!
— Catherine C.
We were new in town and needed a doula, and after asking around, Cate’s name came up over and over again. So we met and it was as if I known her for years! I immediately felt comfortable around her and felt so secure in her capabilities and heart as a doula. But that was nothing compared to her performance on the day. She showed up right when we asked her in the wee hours of the morning and she gently coached us through the day. She encouraged me through optimal positions and actions to help turn the baby. It was a combination of her knowledge and her demeanor that was exactly what I needed to support me through the birth of our son. My birth experience was just about perfect; all that I could ever have hoped for. Cate was not only an advocate for my preferences in a birth plan, but she became a friend that I was so delighted to have by my side on this most special of days. The first question you might be asking yourself is: do you even need a doula? Um, YES. I’d never go through birth without one. Second: should I hire Cate? Double yes.
— Chey L.