Labor Support - $900


Access to informational binder, with articles on labor and birth options, VBAC, breastfeeding, and perinatal mood disorders

Access to Resources List of local pre- and postnatal resources 

1-2 prenatal appointments for a chance to unpack expectations, voice fears or concerns, and put a plan in place to increase the odds of achieving the birth you desire. Each appointment lasts between 1.5-2 hours and is held at clients' home, unless another location is preferred

24/7 on-call support from 38 weeks until birth of baby 

Continuous support during labor, delivery, and for up to 2 hours after birth

1 postpartum appointment after birth.

Travel fee may apply

Payment plans always available

Available for hospital, birthing center, and home births


Doula: Greek, "woman's servant." 


What a doula does:

  • Provides emotional support to laboring woman and her family
  • Offers physical support using various comfort measures
  • Gives evidence-based informational support before labor and as needed during and after labor
  • Encourages mother and birth partner to advocate for themselves and their baby
  • Gives birth partner encouragement (and bathroom breaks) as needed
  • Provides continuous support as needed during labor and delivery

What a doula does not do: 

  • Perform medical tasks (such as: heart tone checks, cervical exams, etc.)
  • Diagnose conditions
  • Give medical advice
  • Deliver babies
  • Make decisions or speak for clients
  • Take over spouse's role