Comfort Measures Course

$85 for first class; $60 for additional classes

For the family who wishes to birth without a doula, The Comfort Measures Course is the perfect solution.

This course lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours and includes information on the labor and birth process as well as comfort measures to help you cope with each stage. Comfort Measures families will receive a folder with various handouts regarding labor, delivery, and postpartum as well as my Birth Resources list.

The Comfort Measures Course is offered as needed with scheduling based on availability.


Positioning and Labor Prep

With the use of various exercises, including Spinning Babies' "Three Sisters," we can work to facilitate better fetal positioning for more optimal labor and delivery. I am trained in a variety of methods, and, along with regular chiropractic adjustments by a Webster Certified chiropractor, can work to align the uterus for baby to enter the pelvis more easily, release tight ligaments and muscles to relieve pain in pregnancy and labor, and open the pelvis for easier delivery. 

These techniques are applied in all labors I attend as doula. If you are not a labor client but would like to glean from my training and experience, I am proud to offer flexible and affordable packages just for you!

Labor Prep Package 1


1.5 hour labor prep session

Educate mother and partner on optimal positioning in the comfort of your own home

Receive a folder with various handouts regarding labor, delivery, and postpartum as well as Birth Resources list.

Evening and weekend availability ONLY

Schedule between 20 & 38 weeks

Payment due in full at time of appointment

Labor Prep Package 2


Three one hour labor prep sessions

Daytime and evening availability 

Schedule between 20 & 38 weeks

24/7 access to Cate via phone or email from 38 weeks until birth of baby

Payment plans available

Preferable for breech babies

*Attendance for one hour add-on during labor dependent on availability