For the family who wishes to birth without a doula, The Comfort Measures Course is the perfect solution.

This course lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours and includes information on the labor and birth process, comfort measures, positioning, and more. Comfort Measures families will receive a folder with various handouts regarding labor, delivery, and postpartum as well as my Birth Resources list.

The Comfort Measures Course is offered as needed with scheduling based on availability.




$75 for the first class

$50 for each class after

*Bundles available - please contact for more information.




"For the birth of our second child, my husband wanted to have a more active roll in the process. Cate provided a Comfort Measures Refresher course for us and it was fantastic. She provided excellent insight, strategies and materials for me and my husband. My husband and I struggled with making time to prepare for this birth, so taking a structured course opened up our communication and got us in the right mindset. Our son's birth was my second birth without an epidural and my husband was an amazing partner! He was confident and comforting. He remembered Cate's pain management strategies and encouraging meditations. We are so thankful for her help! If we go for #3 someday we will definitely include Cate in the process!" -Emilie W