Why "First Spring Doula"?

I'm not sure if you've ever started a business from the bottom, but if you have you know that naming a business is much like naming a child. There is so much power, responsibility, and anxiety behind choosing the right one. You know, the one that makes your heart sing, but isn't so weird that no one will understand (and everyone will misspell)? 

After going back and forth between using my own name or using something creative, I decided to go with my heart. 

First Spring Doula

There's just something about that name that rings in my ears. Maybe it's the whimsy. Maybe it's the availability. No . . . Well, yes, but those reasons aren't really why I'm so stuck on the name. 

Spring has always been a time of hope for me. It comes at a time in the year when most people are sick of heavy coats and toboggans but not quite ready for the full heat of summer. It comes at a time when the outside world has been dead for too long; when humankind needs a reminder of life and joy.

The birth of a child is like springtime in many ways. The birth of a child brings back to life our long-lost sense of whimsy. It brings back the magic of a summer shower or the first fall of snow. We get to see life through the eyes of a child, with the adult understanding of the moment's magnitude.

It wasn't until I gave birth to my second child that I realized how passionate I am about pregnancy and birth. The birth of my children gave life to a new piece of my puzzle. Their birth was my first spring, the rebirth of my soul's passion. 

So whether this is your first baby or your sixth, this journey is a unique one. And if you let it, it will teach you something about yourself you never imaged. I can't wait to see what is in store along the way. 

"With the birth of each child, a mother is reborn."